President Message

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

Respected Members,

I wish to state at the very outset that it has indeed been a matter of great honour and of immense pleasure for me and my team members to serve you during the session 2019-2020. We truly owe you for reposing confidence in us which becomes very special when it comes to unprecedented and unopposed victory to the entire team in March 2019 Elections.

During our tenure we have always endeavored and tried our level best that our members are well versed with equipped with the legal knowledge which is probably the primary objective of the Association. Despite all odds we always stood beside our members and tried to resolve their problems. Young professionals are major and integral component of our memberships and for their betterment our team has always struggled to conduct regular seminars, sessions and lectures to upgrade their knowledge.

We wish that our team be succeeded by sound professionals who whole heartedly work for the betterment of its members keeping aside their own personal interests. We foresee a very bright future of the Association. I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciate the efforts of our Chairman IT Committee, Mr. Qari Zuhaib ur Rehman Zubairi and his team members.

Ashiq Ali Rana

Vice President

Saqib Munir Rana

General Secretary

Nouman Taj

Finance Secretary

Tanveer Hafiz Ch.

Joint Secretary

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